Qualified Selves

Tracking Data Differently

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Qualified Selves: Co-Creating Meaning Post-Big Data

An R&D project delivered by The University of Edinburgh and Lancaster University

People are increasingly reliant on digital applications and services to store and manage their personal data (e.g. photos, documents, notes). This has produced an abundance of data from which various companies and organisations are able to derive new insights about individuals or groups of individuals (e.g. for commercial purposes). Meanwhile, there is a lack of corresponding tools available for individuals to learn about themselves through their personal data.

Research & Development

Our research and development process involved participants to co-design tools that enable people to manage their various forms of data together, across different platforms and applications, in ways that lead to valuable personal insights.

The project’s novel approach to co-design and co-creation has, so far, allowed for new and exciting prototypes to be developed to help us think about tracking data in different ways.

Project Showcases

We attended Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020, presenting our co-design principles and findings, alongside our partners at ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University.

Transcultural Data Pact is a game of serious make-believe, in which role-play is used to explore how personal and collective data practices and devices might shape the attitudes…

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