Design Fictions

Using the participants ‘data dreams’ we created two design fictions to help them realise the potential of their data tracking, moving away from the idea that optimal data tracking can only be achieved through creating an app.

Each participant was presented with a timeline from 1969 to 2069 and asked several questions about past, present and future data practices. We then combined the timelines and came up with two concepts that acted as provotypes in the second co-design workshop.

How to expand a user’s data dreams? Timeline Exercise

1. Start questions at present moment, how do they have these values now.

2.Move backwards to a time before their methods of tracking to understand aims, objectives and values

3.  Push questions forward to the future, why might they use technology to track, what challenges do these bring? What is their relationship with data in the future, what might that look like?

NHS Connect

The first speculative work, NHS Connect, deals with the ways health data could be captured, stored and used. ‘A holistic data tracking system for the body’,  the advertisement below tells you more:

Alongside the infomercial, we produced a series of appearance prototypes to demonstrate each component of the NHS Connect system.


Curatalife, personal data curation for these seeking data trends and connections, was developed to exist within a smart city system. Data is collected on your behalf and printed onto ‘receipts’ which are then posted into a scrapbook. The scrapbooks can be for any aspect of your life – the one shown here is for a family, wanting to know more about their past year. You simply ask Curatalife what you would like to track, and for how long, and when that time is reached, Curatalife will print the trend for you.

Curatalife in the home

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