The Team

Although the project is led by a group of academics, designers and developers, this project would not exist without our participants. They are the co-designers in this project. Without their ideation, prototyping and testing, we would not have findings and designs that reflected the true challenges of self-tracking and data collection.

The co-design team are: Ian Forrestor, Ed Ghilchrest, Alex Lennon, Hannah Field, Ryan Cross, Robin Zhu, Steve Maher and Filips Peisahovics.

From Lancaster University: Dr Georgia Newmarch, Boyeun Lee, Dr Bran Knowles, Dr Dan Richards and Prof. Leon Cruickshank

From Edinburgh University: Billy Dixon, Dr Evan Morgan and Prof. Chris Speed

We have also been provided with live workshop illustration and have developed an ongoing collaboration with Paris Selinas (RCA/Bristol Uni)

Currently, we are looking at ways to collaborate with Quantified Self Netherlands.

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