Workshop One

The first workshop was held in May 2019. This was a chance for the group to get to know each other, find connections and commonalities and set an agenda for the rest of the project.

User Personas

After the initial one-to-one interviews held prior to the workshops, the first task of the workshop was to have each user develop their own empathy map to shed light on key issues and how they dealt with them. Interviewed by another participant, this exercise enabled us to find out more about the users who would be involved in the co-design process.

After developing their maps, the participants set about connecting shared values and ideas with string.

Challenge Mapping

We asked the group to consider the three phases of tracking data in order to further stimulate conversations about their tracking and the difficulties they face. The stages were:

  • The challenges of how to go about capturing data.
  • The challenges of understanding data.
  • The challenges of using data.
Exploring the challenges in this way allowed for us to see the difficulties we will face when working with data tracking. This provided a way to help us think about starting to develop paper prototypes.

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