My Data, My Self

An Exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2020

We attended Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020, presenting our co-design principles and findings, alongside our partners at ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University.

Through conversations and panels we shared our thoughts, ideas and ambitions for personal data, including our relationship with and use of it. These discussions were presented as a TV series, which you can watch Episodes 1-4 here.

We also re-imagined the in-person exhibition — to be presented in Eindhoven at DDW but, due to COVID-19 restrictions, was not possible — in Edinburgh. We filmed the experience with an aim to give you as close to the full experience as possible. You can watch Episode 5 – The Exhibition here.

The exhibition is a navigation through the co-design experience of three people living with their personal data and asking you to discover your own ideals along the way.

In the exhibition, you learn more about the three participants and the provotypes and prototypes they co-design. You can learn more about these exhibition elements here.

Watch more on 'My Data, My Self' TV from Dutch Design Week 2020

Episode 1: Designing from and with Data

Exploring how we might consider data as a material and the design implications using Ablative Design Framework and Human Data Interaction (HDI).

Episode 2: Data-Day Lives

Data objects can facilitate better relationships with the self. How do we as designers aid these relationships?

Episode 3: Our Data Footprint

We asked five artists to work with space and satellite scientists in The Bayes Centre and industry experts to reveal through a creative lens what the eyes in the skies know about us.

Episode 4: Eindhoven and Edinburgh

Find out from brave creatives who are attempting that journey with the support of research, business advice and funding.

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