My Data, My Self

'My Data, My Self' at Dutch Design Week 2020

Gallery image of my data my self exhibition

We attended Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020, presenting our co-design principles and findings, alongside our partners at ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University.

We re-imagined the in-person exhibition in Edinburgh which was to be presented in Eindhoven at DDW but which, due to COVID-19 restrictions, was not possible. We filmed the experience with an aim to give you as close to the full experience as possible.

The exhibition is a navigation through the co-design experience of three people living with their personal data and asking you to discover your own ideals along the way.

In the exhibition, you learn more about the three participants and the provotypes and prototypes they co-design. You can learn more about these exhibition elements here.


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NHS Connect

NHS Connect, a design fiction

Gallery image of my data my self exhibition

A design fiction work about the ways in which health data can be captured, stored and used. Created as part of the EPSRC Funded Qualified Selves project.

Concept by Georgia Newmarch, Billy Dixon and Boyeun Lee. Data dreams provided by participants of the project.